Time out

I’ll be away until late October and, since this blog is devoted to research-based analysis and commentary, I’ll take a break from posting, because there won’t be any time for research. Meanwhile, you might want to catch up on some blog entries from the past that you might have missed.

Why we love cities, even while we tell ourselves we hate them
What has globalization done to democracy?
From Henry Ford to Walmart: How North America went from innovation with labour to innovation against labour
Does mixed-income housing ameliorate poverty?
Does it make sense to build a highway through River Heights?
Why local governments can’t be trusted to regulate city growth
How is global political action organized? A list for your consideration

The last entry is about globally networked community organizations, such as Oxfam, the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, the David Suzuki Foundation, and many, many others. For some time after I posted this blog entry, I got suggestions from readers for organizations I had overlooked. I haven’t heard from anyone on this topic for awhile, but I’ll bet there are more than I’ve listed. Please help if you can.

One response to “Time out

  1. Richard van Abbe

    Saw this on Tweeter, Chris.

    Have a terrific trip
    (but stay the hell out of Libya).


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