Time out, for travel and reflection

I’ll be away from my blog until mid-October, for family time and to meet a couple of professional obligations. I’ll leave you with some posts that you may have missed the first time around.

From Henry Ford to Walmart
Nobody ever accused Henry Ford of having an overdeveloped social conscience. All the more reason to reflect on the chasm between his labour relations philosophy and the one that prevails today.

Does mixed-income housing ameliorate poverty?
A hotly-contested issue that has lost none of its currency. If anyone knows of new findings since I researched this, I’m interested in your comments. In fact, comments are always welcome.

How dangerous are our streets?
I don’t know the answer to that question, but I have some experience and, in this blog entry from long ago, I thought it over.

How is global political action organized?
Globally networked political and social action groups are often overlooked, but very important politically. I’ve been compiling a list of them for years. In this blog entry, I present my list and reflect on its significance.

How to revitalize blighted areas without increasing taxes
Tax increment financing (TIF) is a way of financing redevelopment projects that is well known in the United States, but is relatively new to Canada. I offer a brief explanation of how it works.

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