I’ve added lots of material to my blog

Readers of my blog will know that its purpose is to make academic writing accessible to people who don’t have the time or inclination to wade through the necessary obscurities in academic writing that drive potential readers away in droves. You may not know that this project began in 2005, in the format pictured below, and already included scores of posts in a different format before I changed over the the WordPress format you’re looking at now.


I’ve now found that all that older material is easy to upload into the WordPress format, and, more remarkably, appears to translate well, despite the differences in the formats. Therefore, I’m now able to offer you scores of new posts on various subjects relevant to my research in city politics, multi-level governance and African politics. Like my more recent posts, they’re organized in reverse chronological order, so that, the farther down you scroll, the longer ago the the items you find were posted.

However, age matters less than you might think, because, in general, academic research addresses concerns that remain with us over time. You may encounter links that don’t work. As time permits, I’m fixing these up. (It’s bloody time-consuming!) If you can point out any shortcomings, I’m open to suggestions.

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