Is Trump like Mussolini? No, but…

A friend and former student sent me a message objecting to my January 3rd Passing Scene post. (Readers using a computer only have to glance to the right to see what I’m talking about. If you’re using a mobile phone, you have to scroll down to get to the Passing Scene column.)

My friend has a point. Comparing Trump to Mussolini is inflammatory rather than persuasive. By the same token, the comparison is more than just idle talk.

Trump’s rhetoric is authoritarian: We’ll make America great again, the country has been run by fools and we’ll fix it.

Already Trump is up against a problem with rhetoric like that. He wants to kill “Obamacare” and replace it with a better plan. Given that the Affordable Care Act is already loaded down with expensive concessions to drug companies it won’t be easy to come up with a credible program acceptable to Republicans.

For that reason and others, it’s highly unlikely that Trump will be able to make good on his authoritarian rhetoric regarding the Affordable Care Act, even with Republican majorities in the House and Senate. The likelier outcome is more gridlock. But that presages even more frustration, possibly followed by even more authoritarian rhetoric.

Trump is not Mussolini (I hope!), but his approach to politics is worrisome.

5 responses to “Is Trump like Mussolini? No, but…

  1. Richard Tindal

    Also worrying Chris is that the Republicans are determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act now and then replace it – eventually – with some alternative that they have not yet identified. Not a logical sequence of events, but then ….

    • It’s going to be fascinating, and probably disheartening, to watch how they try to come up with a credible alternative — something they think they can call affordable, while giving even more away to drug companies and doctors.

  2. They will tweak it slightly and call it “Trumpcare”. It’s amazing how many people say they love the Affordable care Act but they hate Obamacare (ha ha). Congresspeople’s offices have been swamped with folks demanding their healthcare (whatever they call it) not be destroyed. It’s a pale shadow of the Canadian system, but I have numerous friends who’ve never had decent insurance before, and I would be one of them if I hadn’t already reached Medicare age when it was instituted.

  3. Hi again Chris,
    For further thoughts on the new President, see

  4. Richard van Abbe

    If ever enacted, “Trumpcare” will be devastating for the poor, old and sick. That won’t matter to Mad Trump’s “base.”

    He can tell them, as his scheme deprives them of affordable health care, that he’s given them the greatest health-care system on the planet and they’ll either believe him or accept the hardship and disregard the obvious lie because although he’s obviously lying, he is at least erasing the legacy of that uppity black man who had the temerity to hold himself above white folks.

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