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Winnipeg’s Sam Katz, who has been mayor since shortly after Glen Murray resigned in 2004, is worth watching. It’s not clear whether he is a fire-breathing neo-conservative or – as the Winnipeg Free Press’s astute city hall observer, Bartley Kives insists – a moderate, but lately there have been some straws in the wind, and they may herald a new direction in Canadian urban politics, one that could be emulated in other cities.
Mayor Katz (rhymes with “dates”) has set the objective of eliminating the business tax, leaving a $55 million budget hole that must be filled in ways not clearly specified. He is a shrewd, sophisticated political operator, who, so far, has commanded city council votes with apparent ease, and side-steps embarrassing questions with the finesse of a magician making a coin disappear. He is also a skilled practitioner of budget magic, as we will see.
So what does that have to do with a social revolution? Stay tuned.

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